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Schertler Lydia Dual ST

Schertler Lydia Dual ST
The Dual System is the most important Schertler product in the acoustic guitar amplification domain. The Dual combines the two main Schertler technologies, the electrostatic under-saddle transducer (LYDIA) and the electro-dynamic transducer (DYN). The LYDIA, in combination with the D-DYN, enables the player to create a wide variety of tones. Either pick-up may be selected alone, or a blend of the two may be created. The flexibility of the Dual system is complemented by its simplicity; a double rotary controller is mounted with double-sided tape inside the sound hole. The black control is used to adjust the overall volume level, while the white control is used to adjust the blend between the LYDIA and the D-DYN. This version is offered with a A-CLASS internal preamp with volume and mix (blend) controls. It is supplied with a 2 Lithium batteries. Available for Steel-String and Nylon-String guitars. The new LYDIA technology is also compatible with previous SCHERTLER under-saddle systems, offering a practical “upgrade” option for guitarists looking to get the very best from their instrument.


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