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Schertler DYN-H P48 Harp Transducer

Schertler DYN-H P48 Harp Transducer

The Schertler DYN-H P48 is Unlike Any Other Pickup on the Market

Nearly all harp pickups use one of two technologies: magnetic or piezo, both of which color the sound in ways that produce a sound that is unnatural, and often harsh and irritating. The Schertler DYN-H P48 is unique in that it uses electrodynamic technology that yields the most natural possible sound, producing a transparent, accurate reproduction of your instrument.

The Schertler DYN-H P48 is Easy to Use and Requires No Permanent Installation

The Schertler DYN-H P48 easily mounts to any harp using the supplied, reusable finish friendly putty. It takes just seconds to mount and can be easily removed and stored in your instrument case when not in use. Since no permanent installation is required, the Schertler DYN-H P48 can be used on any instrument you own, removing the need to outfit each instrument with its own pickup. Also, the movable nature of this pickup allows you to achieve an endless variety of tonal characteristics by placing the pickup in different locations on the top back, or even inside your instrument.

The Schertler DYN-H P48 is Designed to Produce the Warmest, Clearest Tone.

The Schertler DYN-H P48 is equipped with a balanced, XLR cable that minimizes noise and RF interference. The pickup is constructed using Class A electronics which result in the most detailed and satisfying tone possible. This pickup requires 48V phantom power. When used in conjunction with a Schertler amplifier or preamp such as the Schertler Yellow Single, Schertler's proprietary RESON control will reduce feedback and improve the tone, allowing for as much as 25% more volume before feedback.
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