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Schatten HFN-C Active Pickup for Classical Guitar (Includes Preamp)

Schatten HFN-C Active Pickup for Classical Guitar (Includes Preamp)
Schatten HFN-C Active Pickup for Classical Guitar (Includes Preamp)
Schatten HFN-C Active Pickup for Classical Guitar (Includes Preamp)
  • Works with All Nylon-string Guitars
  • Active System, Includes Preamp
  • Easy to Install
  • Full Two-year Warranty

"The sound of this new guitar pickup is as close to that of a good quality mic as you've ever heard from a guitar pickup......"

The HFN-C models give you a sound that is much more realistic and acoustic than anything that you have ever experienced before. More realism in attack, more realism in overall response, these pickups actually allow your instrument to sound just as good plugged in as it does unplugged.

The only thing missing from the HFN-C in a classical is the 'quack' that everyone has come to expect and accept in classical acoustic pickups. As well, there is nothing artificial about the sound of the HFN-C's and the usual under the saddle sound is replaced with the actual acoustic sound of the instrument.

The HFN-C piezo sensing unit fits inside the instrument and spans the center brace or reinforcement strip. Due its' design, this series of pickups produces sound much closer to that of a good microphone than any under the saddle pickup or bridge replacement pickup that you've ever heard.


There are no jigs or fixtures to mess around with during installation and there are no changes to the saddle, the saddle slot or to the playability of the guitar. All HFN's come prewired and ready to install.

The HFN-C pickup unit securely sticks in place on the bridge plate of your classical guitar with specially supplied self adhesive foam strips. This mounting is very quick and very secure. The pickup may be removed easily however, at any time should you want to move it to a different instrument.

The HFN-C will fit virtually any classical guitar. The only hole that you need to drill is for the endpin jack or endpin jack preamp. Installation is quick and simple and takes about 15 minutes (if you take your time at it).

Each pickup is hand built and tested in the Schatten workshop to ensure good sound. As well, each pickup is warranted for a period of two years from date of purchase.

Active System

A single HFN is all you really need. So, we've now made our HFN pickups available with our Player endpin jack preamp. One pickup, a single channel preamp.....and volume and tone thumbwheel controls are avaiable if you'd like them.

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