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Schatten BJ-02M Banjo Pickup with Mic

Schatten BJ-02M Banjo Pickup with Mic

The new BJ-02M combines our outstanding BJ-02 pickup with a condenser microphone and new Mini Pre 2 preamp for unparalleled sound quality. The Mini Pre 2 preamps both signals and also powers the microphone.

The Schatten BJ-02 Player features Schatten's famous BJ-02 sensor combined with an externally mounted metal jack assembly. The BJ-02 series is designed to work on any banjo. Five string, tenor, six string; all sound excellent with this pickup. Installation of the pickup system takes about ten minutes and everything that you need to complete the installation is included with the system. The pickup is totally non-damping. It does not interfere in any way with the natural acoustic tone or output of the banjo.

On a 'normal' banjo with a three footed bridge, the pickup is to be installed on the underside of the head directly under the center foot of the bridge. On tenor banjos or banjos having a two footed bridge, the suggested placement for the pickup is on the underside of the head directly under the bass side bridge foot. This particular placement of the sensor allows the pickup to "hear" just what the banjo is doing. The center foot of the bridge is driving the element directly for maximum output and clarity and it is due to this same placement of the element that also gives the BJ-02's their superior anti-feedback characteristics. It is very difficult for feedback to drive the pickup in reverse due to the overall stiffness of the bridge area.

The jack includes a mounting clamp that is designed to clamp onto the tension rails. The maximum distance between rails is about 2 1/16" and the minimum distance about 1 3/32". The L bracket mounts in the front of the rails, while the straight metal back rail is placed behind the rails, and two screws are provided to pull the two pieces together, providing a very secure and solid clamp for the jack. Note that the distance between rails may vary, even on the same banjo.

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