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Schatten AT-04 Pickup for Archtop Guitar

Schatten AT-04 Pickup for Archtop Guitar
Schatten AT-04 Pickup for Archtop Guitar
Schatten AT-04 Pickup for Archtop Guitar
With the new AT-04 archtop pickup, we've separated the piezo sensing unit from the bridge itself so that the piezo element is no longer embedded within the bridge's upper saddle. The piezo sensor is attached directly to the underside of the saddle and is fully enclosed and shielded to guard against the possibility of line noise.

By moving the pickup's sensor from within the saddle to underneath it, we have accomplished some pretty good things. For example: the bridge is physically stronger since it doesn't have to be slotted to allow a sensor to fit inside. Vibration transmission within the saddle itself is improved and sound transmission to the sensor was also improved.

This pickup has been designed to operate properly and sound terrific without the use of a preamp when plugged into any 'normal' amp (guitar amp, bass amp, etc.). If you require the added ability to be able to plug directly into a P.A. or mixer then you may wish to add one of our Preamp/DI units to your pickup system.

The redesign of the pickup's base has made it possible to fit the new pickup to a much wider range of archtops, specifically including those older instruments that require a lower bridge height. Modifications to the pickup that may be required for fitting a lower bridge height are now more easily and confidently done.     

The AT-04 pickup comes with 24" of thin non-microphonic shielded cable and is supplied with a high quality take-apart endpin jack and a small nylon clip (which will allow you to hang the output jack from the strap button, if you wish). Instructions and warranty information included.

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Reviews and Ratings

almost perfect.

By: joshuablackwilkins on 05/26/2012 11:19:38 AM

I bought this pickup for the advertised qualities. what drew me to this pickup over others it that it is going on a Loar 309 archtop which has a much lower bridge/saddle height, and this pickup advertises being able to fit lower profile archtop bridges. The overall design is excellent, and the fact that the saddle came contoured and string ready was excellent too. The new bridge design is very ideal for many different archtop tops too as it is flexible. I had to make serious modifications to not only the bridge height, but also the saddle in order for it to physically fit my guitar. once that was done (about 2 hours), I restrung the guitar, and plugged it into a fender acoustisonic amp. once first notice, the pickup sounded amazing. big, beefy, punchy tone with not feedback issues. BUT... No low E string. the pickup is not built wide enough to pick up the full E-E string distance. there is at least a 4db difference, if not more, between the E and A string. Since I had already modified the assembly, I couldn't return it. My next step was to remove the element itself and mount it to the original Loar saddle, adjusting it closer to the low E string (hence farther away from the high E string). This took another 2 hours because I needed to notch the Loar bridge in order for the element to fit in between the saddle and the bridge. Reassembled, there was a SLIGHT improvement in the low E, but still not as good as the Fishman archtop pickup I have on my Gretsch G400B. So I buy a ten band EQ pedal. Although it greatly improved the overall sound and punch, I STILL have a drop off on the low E string. Schatten should seriously consider making the element longer and better equiped for modern archtop designs (with a E to E string distance of at least 2.25") and also should make available the element only, which can be easily mounted to an existing saddle. Until then, I could never recommend this pickup.

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