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Gitane DG-320 Modele John Jorgenson

Gitane DG-320 Modele John Jorgenson
The DG-320 is one of the best instruments Saga makes. The exceptional low end response of the D hole is nicely balanced with the projection that the long scale 14 fret neck provides. The high fret access and full tone make the DG-320 well suited for both rhythm and lead. The Brazilian rosewood is stunning, a feature unheard of in guitars under $1000.

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Reviews and Ratings

DG 320 Jorgenson D Hole Gypsy

By: Django Mango on 09/03/2016 06:32:31 PM

This guitar has a very nice balance of warmth while maintaining that punchy high end that makes for some Hot Gypsy solos. It is a D hole with the long scale so the leads are traditional bright and if you don't mind the long scale it is great for chording as well. The Brazilian Rosewood is lovely. Ebony fretboard is very nice. My neck angle was not in the sweet spot as much as I would like for optimal tweaking of the action but it was OK. Also, the string centering around the bridge slots was off so the low E string on mine is closer to the end (and too close) of the fretboard than the high E string, so that bridge with slots needs to be replaced to remedy that. Overall quality and tone and value is excellent. Ideally you can try one hanging on a wall and get everything you want with the instrument that has no minor flaws and speaks to yo tonally. I was lucky with the tone, very good, but some issues as mentioned with neck angle and bridge set up. Cool guitar !!

The Gitane DG-320 is a great choice!

By: Jharley1953 on 12/30/2015 12:06:12 AM

Very VERY fast shipping! Fast replies with custom service (Michael handles it all personally) and very knowledgeable. This was my first time buying a gypsy swing guitar and it was a truly pleasant experience thanks to Djangobooks! I highly recommend them to anyone in the market for gypsy guitars! And as far as the Gitane dg320 goes, well it's beautiful, really easy and it sounds really nice! I'm so much in love with this guitar it has made my girlfriend rather jealous!!

Gitane DG-320

By: Michael on 01/07/2012 07:47:32 PM

The instrument is a beautiful guitar. The construction quality is top notch. Love the wood and faux tortoise binding is outstanding. Sound quality is also very good. The playablity is excellent with the exception of the nut I had you make. The 1st string is a bit too close to the edge of the fretboard. It has a tendency to slip off and buzz. Having paid extra for the nut it is a bit disappointing.

Well worth it.

By: Tim on 11/24/2011 04:26:06 AM

I was worried about shipping all the way here to england but that went just fine! Its a fantastic guitar with the warmth of a D-hole and the punchy tone of an Oval hole I've found. Its great and I'm glad that I invested in it as it will see me through many gigs to come!

Great purchase

By: Jean-Daniel on 04/25/2011 12:03:27 AM

A wonderful instrument. The woods, should it be from the top as well as sides and the bottom are jsut beautiful. And the sound... the sound... THIS SOUND! The whole to a more than affordable price. Michael, you made from me a happy man!

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