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Gitane DG-300 Modele John Jorgenson

Gitane DG-300 Modele John Jorgenson
Gitane DG-300 Modele John Jorgenson
Gitane DG-300 Modele John Jorgenson
Gitane DG-300 Modele John Jorgenson
Gitane DG-300 Modele John Jorgenson
Gitane DG-300 Modele John Jorgenson
The Gitane DG-300 is one of the most popular choices for a Gypsy jazz guitar under $1000! It has a steeper neck angle and more top arch than the 200 series Gitanes. These features give it a more traditional Gypsy sound and feel. It projects nicely with a fair amount of openness to the tone and can get rather crunchy for rhythm playing. The Brazilian rosewood is stunning and the vintage finish gives it a nice aged look. The DG-300 has the thickest neck of all the Gitanes. It has the classic U shape neck found on the original Selmer guitars.

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Reviews and Ratings

Gitane DG 300

By: dm7b5 on 07/14/2018 01:57:43 PM

I have purchased 2 of these from Djangobooks over the years. Highly recommended Gitane model. Highly recommended seller/dealer here at Djangobooks.

Gitane DG-300 Modele John Jorgenson

By: caha99 on 03/30/2017 06:44:38 AM

After 5 months with my guitar, I can only say, this has been a one of a kind purchase, and I am very pleased. At first sight, it is a beautiful crafted instrument, a lot of deatails in it. Sounds warm and mellow, great gypsy tone and lots of volume, it has been a great deal for the price. I use argentine strings gauge .10 otherwise my hand would star to bleed because of the height. Other than that, it would be a good idea to buy a and have installed a piezo for your guitar, as this model comes completely acoustic. Thank you Michael for your assistance! Carlos

DG 300

By: Mike on 07/25/2012 10:34:10 AM

This was my first gypsy guitar. I've had it long enough now to review it, I think. I got it with a custom set up, so the frets are nice, intonation great, tail piece quiet, etc. The tone is excellent and authentic sounding. The only thing that was tough for me was the action is really high compared to any other guitar I've ever played - it has to be at least 3mm. I have read that this is considered appropriate for the nature of how one plays this type of guitar and for getting the required tone. So, I have just concentrated on improving my technique and this seems to be paying off now. I have been working very assiduously to learn authentic gypsy jazz lines and I can say without reservation that when I play back my recordings of myself, this guitar delivers a very convincing sound. I really can't see how anyone buying this guitar and having it set up well would be dissatisfied, especially considering the overall modest investment.

Gitane dg 300 Great

By: ronnierant on 03/22/2012 03:41:42 PM

First of all,Django Books have been very good to work with,on the phone,innernet,mail...the Guitar.Gitane 300,is my first gypsy style guitar,it is diffrent from archtops and american guitars...and takes some getting use to,but as you continue to play it ,you grow into it and I don't even feel like playing my other guitars,the g strings die quick on it ,so I have a bunch comming in,mean while I found a Banjo,G string to fit,the tension is tight but I was tickled to discover that!I will surely do bussness with Django Books!

Gitane DG 300

By: JohnRicardo on 11/01/2011 09:10:29 AM

My previous guitar has been a DG 255 which has a much slimmer neck profile so the DG 300 was a bit of a shock with the very thick square D shape neck.That will take some getting used to despite my large hands ! I had the custom bridge & set up. I find the action excellent. The tone & projection is far superior to the DG 255 (which is in itself a very nice guitar) So have been a bit puzzled at some of the comments I´ve seen on the forum. perhaps a decent bridge is the key. The finish is good.


By: Alex on 10/27/2011 08:38:41 AM

I never expected an Asian-made guitar would be as good as this. The parts, fit and finish are all better than you would expect for this price range, especially for a factory-made guitar. It also feels great to play, though the rowing-oar neck might turn off the small-handed. It doesn't have the superior quality of a hand-made guitar, but if you want a well-made, authentic feeling gypsy guitar for a good price this must be close to the best you'll find.

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