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Gitane DG-560 Nylon String

Gitane DG-560 Nylon String
Gitane DG-560 Nylon String
Gitane DG-560 Nylon String
Gitane DG-560 Nylon String
Gitane DG-560 Nylon String
Gitane DG-560 Nylon String
Gitane DG-560 Nylon String

Gypsy guitarists have long waited for an affordable copy of Mario Maccaferri's original guitar: A 12 fret D hole with nylon strings. Not many people are aware that the original Maccaferri Selmer guitars were classicals and only later were they adapted for steel string jazz playing. This new model from Saga makes it possible to experience the sort of sound and playability that Mario Maccaferri intended.


The sound of this guitar is rich, warm, and rounded as you'd expect from an instrument with nylon strings. Gypsy jazz players will be delighted to find that this instrument makes a fantastic rhythm guitar (many of the original recordings of the Hot Club of France featured a nylon strung Maccaferri guitar on rhythm). The fullness of tone also lends itself to playing solo chord melody pieces and Latin repertoire.

The DG-560 features a solid Port Orford Cedar top and Cypress back and sides. 12 Fret neck, 25.5" scale, with a D hole.

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Reviews and Ratings

Outstanding DG-560

By: jkoz on 09/08/2012 07:20:29 AM

First, Michael was very easy to deal with. Great customer service. I always liked the Gitane DG-500. Joined at the 12th fret, it sounded great and was an intimate player. The DG-560 takes it to a whole new level. The fit and finish on the guitar is at custom shop, hand-built level. The attention to detail is obvious throughout. Simply a beautiful instrument. It's very light and responsive, gives that satisfying lively vibration against the ribs when its played. Strung with nylon strings, it has a softness and expressiveness that players of other styles than Gypsy Jazz will appreciate (that includes me). I will be using it primarily as a solo instrument. When asked how she thought the guitar sounded to her, a friend said, "Passionate and romantic." I'm not sure I would have used those words, but the DG-560 is a responsive, beautiful, easy to play instrument with very wide dynamic range.

good deal

By: philip ave on 02/11/2012 04:42:03 PM

good guitar for the "blow out special" price. nice cyprus on the back, very nice cyprus on the sides. i own 3 gitane. the most beautiful is the dorado schmitt but the best is definitely the john jorgenson. the dg 560 is something different (nylon strings). good construction, nice sound. there is no truss-rod, but well it' s a nylon string guitar. but the specs are wrong. i put a schertler system on it and it works perfectly with my aer amp. it' s between a flamenco and a classical guitar (maybe more flamenco) with a gypsy style shape. finally: yes, it' s a good guitar for the price. buy it!

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