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Gitane DG-455 Acoustic/Electric with Case

Gitane DG-455 Acoustic/Electric with Case
Gitane DG-455 Acoustic/Electric with Case
Gitane DG-455 Acoustic/Electric with Case
Every Jazz guitarist of every style will want the new Gitane Electric Gypsy Jazz Guitar! It’s a small guitar that sounds BIG in any room — and Fishman’s very latest state-of-the-art electronics give you the purest, most natural guitar sound, without a trace of distortion. The latest version of Fishman’s Aura System, a Saga exclusive, gives the player an infinite range of tonal shading and effects, and the combined engineering skills of Gitane and Fishman have produced an acoustic-electric tone like you’ve never heard. Just plug into any amplifier or sound system and you are ready to go! Cutting-edge electronic technology is only one aspect of this fabulous Jazz Guitar. The slim, fast neck and horizon-tal cutaway offer easy access to the highest reaches of the fretboard. The beautiful finish and fastidious attention to detail that characterize every Gitane will appeal to every guitarist of every style. Whether you play Gypsy Jazz, BeBop, Latin, Blues or you-name-it — the Gitane DG-455 is the one acoustic-electric guitar that can do it all!
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Reviews and Ratings

very nice

By: shahin on 12/12/2012 07:00:33 PM

Buying from djangobooks.com was a great experience, very customer friendly. my contact, Michael was extremity knowledgeable and always available to chat and answer questions. I was pleasantly surprised at the build quality and tone of this guitar, has a big loud gypsy style sound, Comfortable body size, Plays in tune up the neck Very nice finish and Beautiful craftsmanship Arrived with a nice hard case, This guitar sounds good unplugged and has a very decent loud sound, and also has Fishman/Aura electronics with different presets but, does not have tuner. Definitely need a string change to Argentine Strings Neck is very fast and no buzz, thanks to the Professional Gypsy Set Up, and fret level which was done for few extra bucks, worth every penny. Overall itâs a very nice guitar...

Sleek and Classy

By: gabriel on 05/07/2012 05:57:05 PM

Even with the thinner body, this guitar can produce a big acoustic sound. However, the thinner body takes some getting used to when you play with the gypsy âfloatingâ right hand. I'm not sure how the Fishman/Aura electronics work, but it looks like it does some type of modeling effect. There are five different modeling settings so it's like having five different Selmers. If youâre not used to the fretboard dot being on 10 instead of 9, donât worry, youâll feel comfortable with it after about a week. I suggest selecting the option for the special setup and fret level. I only had the professional gypsy setup accomplished, and there are a couple of frets on a couple of strings that buzz so I think the full fret level would eliminate that. I also suggest getting some looped strings and putting the leather under the tailpiece to mitigate any tailpiece buzz. Other than that, this guitar is a piece of beauty. Canât put it down.

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