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Stimer Pickup Cable - 10 ft. (Right Angle RCA Jack)

Stimer Pickup Cable - 10 ft. (Right Angle RCA Jack)
This custom made, high quality insulated cable is designed specifically for use with a Dupont Stimer reissue pickup. Unlike the standard cable, this one uses a right angle RCA plug which directs the cable towards the tailpiece. This keeps the cable away from the players leg, which has tendency to jostle the cable and knock the pickup loose. By directing the cable away from your leg, you will gain added stability and greatly reduce accidental unmounting of your Stimer pickup.

This cable only works with Stimer pickups fitted with RCA jacks. Some Stimers have mini-plugs and are therefore incompatible with this cable.

Our Price: $27.50

Reviews and Ratings

gat purchase

By: ihscout on 08/17/2012 02:53:43 PM

High quality cable,a must have if you own a stimmer pickup. The stock cable gets in the way.

Works great!

By: Marcos on 12/10/2011 05:44:02 PM

The cable works great. The original cable that came with the pickup died on me within 5 months. This cable is the same size and is L shaped so it doesn't touch your leg. BUY IT-GOOD INVESTMENT!

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