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Ninja Pick Gypsy Normal

Ninja Pick Gypsy Normal

Nicely beveled Gypsy jazz pick made in Italy by Massimo Valvasori. 3.5mm thick. Fabricated from a complex polymer that is exceptionally smooth and provides excellent grip and tone. With more bevel than other picks, this model produces a lush sound and easily slides over the strings.

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Reviews and Ratings

Ninja Pick Gypsy Normal

By: Eric Lopez on 02/02/2016 10:52:02 PM

For reference, this pick is 28mm long and 27mm wide. Although the material is slick feeling, the slight divots on both sides make it easy to hold onto. The material also feels slightly soft compared to others such as Wegen and Moustache, and consequently the tone is a little darker than these picks (although not by much). It's surprising that these picks don't recieve more attention, because the bevels are so exceptionally well shaped that these picks are very smooth to play with- there's no resistance from them while playing to speak of.

Good Rhythm Pick

By: swithry on 02/19/2013 09:22:16 PM

This is a very good pick for slow lead playing, or any tempo rhythm. The problem with playing fast single note lines is it lacks clarity. The notes tend to blend together and get mushy, there isnât a lot of definition. The pick is contoured in the middle on both sides, like some thicker Dunlop picks, also it has a darker sound and less bright.

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