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Mike Dowling - Swingin' It Solo!

Mike Dowling - Swingin' It Solo!
Mike Dowling - Swingin' It Solo!
Mike Dowling - Swingin' It Solo!

As Mike Dowling proves,you don’t need backup musicians to play hot swing tunes on the guitar. With this fascinating lesson you get the whole package - rhythm comping, movable chord progressions, melodic riffs, intros, outros, improvisations and other guitar adornments to enable you to play songs and instrumentals from the early jazz era on solo guitar.

Mike is a precise player and instructor who breaks down each technique in comprehensive detail. His love for vintage jazz music is evident in every note as he showsyou how to play richly constructed guitar arrangements to four irresistible songs: A chord/melody instrumental for Sweet Sue; Louis Jordan’s big band novelty tune Five Guys Named Moe; the infectious jump tune I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music; and the ever-popular foot-tapping classic, Sweet Georgia Brown.

 “My goal for this DVD lesson is to help you add to your repertoire while learning right hand rhythm techniques, chord substitutions and tips for arranging and getting good tone. With practice you'll soon be creating your own chordal and rhythmic strategies. In other words,you'll be swingin’ it solo!” – Mike Dowling

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