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Michael Collins Building the Selmer-Maccaferri guitar 10 DVD Set

Michael Collins Building the Selmer-Maccaferri guitar 10 DVD Set

This is a 10 DVD set showing how to build the Selmer-Maccaferri guitar. Filmed in Canada at Michael Collins guitar shop, Mike starts with a pile of wood and ends up with a beautiful gypsy jazz guitar. An experienced gypsy jazz guitar builder, Mike carefully explains and demonstrates every step of the building process and you get to see the finished guitar played by gypsy jazz guitarist David Dunlap of Canada. The DVD set compliments Mike's book on "How to build the Selmer-Maccaferri guitar."

There is a total of 14 hours worth of instruction with menu buttons and chapters for each of the following segments:

1. Molds and patterns...How to build them

2. Laminating the sides and back...Using the vacuum bag system

3. Making the braces...How to design and shape

4. Making the soundboard...Thinning, joining and making the pattern

5. Cutting the rosette channel...How to use the right tool

6. Inlaying the rosette...Fitting and gluing

7. Scraping the inlays...Using the cabinet scraper

8. Gluing the back and sides...Gluing and using the Go_bar deck

9. Assembling the sides...Gluing and fitting with the mold

10. Fitting and gluing the top braces...Carving and using the Go-Bar deck

11. Fitting and gluing the liners...Laminating solid liners, bending and gluing

12. Fitting and gluing the back....Alignment, gluing and clamping

13. Building the neck...From start to finish

14. Fitting and gluing the top....Alignment, gluing and clamping

15. Building the fretboard....Slot cutting, installing frets and fretboard profile

16. Installing the bindings...Routing, installation and tools

17. Gluing the neck...Joint, tooling and assembly

18. Making the bridge...Patterns, tooling and carving

19. Installing the tuners....Miller type

20. Making the nut...Carving and slotting the bone

21. Final set-up...Fret leveling, height adjustment and fret crowning

22. Final sanding and staining...Top, sides and back

23. Final finishing...French polishing, spraying lacquer and buffing

The 10 DVDs cover the entire process and are a great reference for experienced luthiers, as well as step-by-step instructions for the first time builder. Each section has a menu button and is divided into chapters for easy access to critical areas.

Michael follows the original Selmer plans and explains in detail how they where made in the 30's. Each section mixes the latest techniques with old world luthier skills to provide the broadest explanation of how to build this style of guitar.

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