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Manouche Tone Strings: Violette (10-44 Loop End)

Manouche Tone Strings: Violette (10-44 Loop End)

Extra Light - 10, 14, 23w, 28, 36, 44

Loop end

Round core

Silver plated copper

Violet silk winding

Manufactured by Guadalupe Custom Strings in Los Angeles.

Light gauge strings usually sound best on long scale Selmer style guitars (670mm or longer) with higher action.

Our Price: $24.00

Reviews and Ratings

short life

By: Buco on 07/30/2012 10:13:28 AM

Put these on 7/21/12. Initially they sounded great: loud and sparkly. I got that sitar sounding twang on G string that I loved! High E sounded very tight, like would you'd hear from .011 string but without higher tension, best of both worlds. Bass strings didn't have that squiggle when you bend it, that I feel on Argies which I guess comes from a round core. So I though I found a perfect set of strings. But then a week later after maybe 3 practices at home of couple hours each on average and one band practice the winding broke on G string and it's dead with a buzz, not that cool sitar buzz but a dead string with broken winding buzz. Normally I'll have a set of string on for a couple of months but I'm putting a different set today, 7/31/12. Maybe it's just a random bad pack but at what they cost + shipping I can't afford to give them another try even with all of their advantages or go through at least 2 sets a month.

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