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LR Baggs Stadium DI

LR Baggs Stadium DI
LR Baggs Stadium DI
LR Baggs Stadium DI
LR Baggs Stadium DI
LR Baggs Stadium DI
LR Baggs Stadium DI

Studio-Grade Bass DI with Tone Sculpting

If you've ever used your bass with an overdrive pedal, you know the results can sound indistinct, and lacking in punch and presence. Enter the LR Baggs Stadium DI. The engineers at LR Baggs spec'd the Stadium DI with studio-grade, all-discrete electronics for bass sound that rivals some of the best direct boxes we've heard. But there's more to the Stadium DI: powerful tone-sculpting tools that deliver a broad color palette to suit any musical style. Roadworthy and easy to use, the LR Baggs Stadium DI will become your bass guitar's constant companion, onstage or in the studio.

LR Baggs Stadium DI at a Glance:

  • Make your bass Growl like a beast
  • Even out your tone with Comp EQ
  • Adjust Attack from mellow to aggressive
Make your bass Growl like a beast

The issue with most bass overdrive pedals is that they operate full-range, which can suck the impact right out of your bass sound. The Stadium DI's Growl control works differently, saturating only a specific range of low frequencies with rich harmonic overtones. Growl complements your natural bass dynamics, responding to the subtle nuances of expression in your playing, while delivering the perfect amount of edge to plow through the mix. If you want a full-range overdrive effect, however, hit the Drive button and you've got it.

Even out your tone with Comp EQ

The LR Baggs Stadium DI features Comp EQ, which gives you three bands of compression for evening out your tone while preserving your natural playing dynamics. Comp EQ's low-, mid-, and high-frequency compressors are effectively "touch-sensitive" equalizers that react in real time as you play. Dig in, and you'll get heavier compression, play lightly you'll get less.

Adjust Attack from mellow to aggressive

The Attack control on the Stadium DI is a highly specific equalizer that adjusts your attack by affecting a particular bandwidth. This gives you a wide palette of tones that cover all playing styles. Sweep the Attack control to the left for warmer jazzy tones, or to the right for increased clarity and punch.

LR Baggs Stadium DI Features:
  • Unique Growl control adds LF distortion to punch through the mix
  • Drive button switches Growl control to full-frequency overdrive
  • Comp EQ evens out your tone while enhancing playing feel
  • Attack control lets you sweep continuously between warmth and clarity
  • Fat switch boosts 3dB or 6dB at 150Hz for a round, full tone
  • Optimizes gain for passive and active pickups
  • All-discrete signal path with 1/4" and XLR outputs
  • XLR out switchable between -10dBV and +4dBu to accommodate PA input requirements
  • Ground lift eliminates noise due to ground loops
  • Power options: 48V phantom power, 9V battery, or 9V DC
  • Roadworthy aluminum, steel, and ABS chassis
  • Handcrafted in LR Baggs' California factoty
  • Comes with custom carrying case
Meet your bass guitar's new best friend: the LR Baggs Stadium DI!
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