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Lesson 9: Unaccompanied Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Lesson 9: Unaccompanied Gypsy Jazz Guitar
This lesson will explore the techniques that Django Reinhardt, Stochelo Rosenberg, Biréli Lagrène, and other Gypsy guitarists use to create brilliant unaccompanied guitar compositions. You will learn authentic Gypsy chord voicings, Gypsy style reharmonization techniques, arppegiations, and numerous other techniques which will allow you to create your own unaccompanied Gypsy style versions of any song. You will also learn an unaccompanied version of the Reinhardt classic Manoir des mes Rêves (which doesn't appear in my book Unaccompanied Django). 4 notated and MP3 audio examples are included. 10 pages of text (from my Gypsy Jazz column in Just Jazz Guitar February, 2006).
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