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Lenzner Fisoma Silk and Steel Gypsy Jazz Strings - Super Light (10-44) F2010 SL

Lenzner Fisoma Silk and Steel Gypsy Jazz Strings - Super Light (10-44) F2010 SL
Silver plated copper wound Silk and Steel strings designed for Selmer/Maccaferi type guitars & Gypsy Jazz playing styles. Steel core, covered with silvered copper wire, silk wound. gauges:
super light

ball end

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Reviews and Ratings


By: Chiefbigeasy on 02/02/2018 06:38:44 PM

My go to strings now. They sound great and they last for months on end. I play a couple of hours each night most days of the week and they still sound great.

I'm in love

By: Buco on 01/18/2015 02:12:04 PM

With these strings and how they make my guitar sound. Previous to Lenzer F I was a LaBella man and love those as well. But they are on a two very different sound spectrums. Lenzer Fisoma (although I'm reviewing this particular set this can applied to most others as I tried both silk and steel and silvered in both 10 and 11 sets) is bright but not brash. Gives my guitar the sound of open air. Full of wonderful overtones that stay there well after the strings have settled in so they keep a lot of their "brand new" sound after several weeks. Midrange is just beautiful, has this smokey character, that's the only way I can describe it. So far I had no problems with G string breaking at the windings, novelty for this type of strings. Not too tight, not too supple. Another novelty is silk and steel sets have silk windings at the end of the string on the tuner side which help the new set stay in tune right away.

Gypsy Strings

By: JohnB on 04/25/2011 08:36:55 AM

Great tone. Much more durable (specifically G string) than my Argentine strings.

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