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Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang Wild Cats

Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang Wild Cats
1.Stringing the blues
2.Bugle call rag
3.Doin' things
4.Goin' places
5.Kickin' the cat
6.Beatin' the dog
7.A mug of ale
8.Four string Joe
10.The wild dog
11.The man from the south
12.Wild cat
13.Running ragged (Bamboozlin' the bassoon)
14.I've found a new baby
15.Little girl
16.I'll never be the same (Little buttercup)
17.To to blues
18.Raggin' the scale
19.Hey, young fella!
20.Jig saw puzzle blues
21.Pink elephants
22.Beale street blues
23.After you've gone
24.Someday, sweetheart
25.Farewell blues
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