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Kent Armstrong Floating Single Coil (Handmade)

Kent Armstrong Floating Single Coil (Handmade)
Kent Armstrong Floating Single Coil (Handmade)
Kent Armstrong Floating Single Coil (Handmade)
This wonderful floating single coil pickup is an excellent alternative to the classic pickups of the 40's and 50's. Kent Armstrong has succeeded in capturing the vintage character of the old DeArmond, Gibson P-90, and Stimer pickups without sacrificing the reliability, adjustability, and ease of install that you'd expect of a new pickup. This pickup features adjustable pole pieces, an option rarely found on floating single coil pickups, which allows one to properly calibrate string balance for any type of steel string (nickel, bronze, or copper.) High quality shielding and potting significantly reduces hum which is a constant problem with the original vintage pickups. Handmade in Grafton Vermont by Kent Armstrong.


Magnet ­ Alnico V Bar

Cable ­ Miniature single conductor co-axial.

DC resistance ­ 7 or 10K Ohms (switchable)

Body Measurements ­ 2 11/16" x 1 3/16" x 7/16"

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kent armstrong floating single coil

By: djangobass on 02/22/2013 03:31:35 PM

I got this for a 1978 Guild Artist Award, guild's high end jazzbox. The guitar originally had a dearmond single coil pickup. By the time I got the guitar, it had been replaced with a Gibson "Johnny Smith" minibucker. I've always wanted the more direct, focused sound you get with single coils, in place of the lush sound of humbuckers. The Dearmonds are all way to expensive, So I decided to try this. It sounds great. very focused, very direct, middy without being muddy, lots more articulation in the highs. I also bought the mini switch, but have been using the lower resistance setting most of the time. It's brighter and again more focused. My only criticism is it's a little pricey for a single coil pickup. PIckups like this are the cutting edge technology of 1930. I'm not sure what "handmade" means in the context of a pickup. But it sounds great. It arrived in a padded mailing envelope, literally wrapped in paper towels. Their was a wiring diagram which had been hand drawn on a piece of 8x11 paper in ballpoiint, then folded up and stuck in the envelope. Nice! It was easy to wire up and easy to instal--I drilled the hole and then tapped it for a 4mm metric machine screw. Anyway, great sounding pickup--old school single coil jazz, Like Rene Thomas with Chet Baker

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