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K&K Pure Maccaferri Pickup

K&K Pure Maccaferri Pickup
The Pure Maccaferri is a twin-head piezo transducer for internal installation in Maccaferri guitars. This pickup sounds very natural and is, in our opinion, the most true-sounding solution to amplify a Maccaferri guitars on the market today.

How is the Pure Maccaferri installed?

This pickup is installed inside the guitar underneath the outer edges of the mustaches. On special request, we can combine this pickup with an internal guitar microphone for a Maccaferri Trinity System (please call if interested).

The Pure Maccaferri is designed to be permanently affixed with superglue. The installer needs to be able to fit his/her hand into the soundhole to reach the area underneath the outer edge of the mustaches. This can be quite difficult if the soundhole is small. However, I was able to get my hand into the small soundhole of the guitar shown below. Once I got my hand through the hole, it was actually not too difficult to glue the pickups to the desired spots.

The endpin-jack can be easily mounted from the outside so no soldering is necessary.

Technical Information:

Pickup Head diameter: 1/2"
Pickup Height: 1/32"
Impedance: High ohmic
Length of connection cables 1 ft.
Jack: Shielded Endpin Jack (stereo type, connected mono) no soldering necessary
Our Price: $120.00

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