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John Pearse Django Buttons

John Pearse Django Buttons

It's always said that Django played with a trouser fly button as a pick...so we honor him with our John Pearse DJANGO BUTTONS! They are .056" thick, made of Heavy Viscoloid [a type of celulose] and have a wonderful sound!

Our Price: $2.00

Reviews and Ratings

john pearse button pick

By: John on 01/28/2015 10:34:07 AM

Nice picks good tone

Django button pick

By: matty42 on 08/12/2013 02:53:34 PM

This is actually a really cool pick! I bought it more for the novelty, but I ended up playing a lot with it so far. The tone is really nice and it's comfortable to play with. I was just hoping that it had holes in it like a real button, but oh well! Who knows... might have to hit up the antique shops in town and see what other buttons are out there.

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