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Gypsy Fire

Gypsy Fire
Gypsy Fire
Gypsy Fire

This book is designed to teach thirty essential Gypsy jazz style patterns and arpeggios to guitarists of any skill level. The examples within will enable beginning students to quickly develop an authentic Gypsy jazz guitar technique. More advanced students will benefit from the notation of the highly efficient fingerings and picking used by most professional Gypsy jazz guitarists. To put these techniques into context, four complete Gypsy jazz style solos of varying skill levels are included. The accompanying play-along audio CD will allow you to practice these techniques at slow and fast tempos. Those studying Gypsy Picking will find Gypsy Fire an excellent way to further develop their rest-stroke picking technique.

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Reviews and Ratings

Gypsy Fire by Andeas Oberg

By: bones on 08/12/2013 07:08:19 AM

the most fun gypsy learning book/cd package i've personally come across . it's taken me about a year (been playing gypsy about 7 yrs) to get the basic and intermediate songs down, .. i do however teach electric (rock etc) so the styles fight against each other.(sigh!!) i started with robin nolan's collection, and learning django pieces by tab/ear, whatever,.. then a breakthrough! michael horowitz's gypsy picking book..THAT'S why my notes didn't sound right !! michael very thoughtfully explains the way to attack each note with correct picking ,.. then stephane wrembel's 'getting into gypsy jazz' book really good for learning short phrases,and quite cool,(and WHAT a player!!) but THIS book ..absolutely brilliant it takes small sections(not dissimilar to horowitz's) that you learn in the front of the book, and tranfers them into really cool solo's in the back of the book. i have LOADS of gypsy books /cd's dvd's , and they all offer something , but the 3 books i keep coming back to are these that i've mentioned, but by far the most fun is this one GYPSY FIRE(which also has correct picking instructions) . i'm just starting the final solo 'shine' i'm guessing 6 months and i'll have it nailed .. so a year and a half's worth of fun (and grim determination lol! ..it's NOT easy!) for a few dollars it's a no brainer top stuff! and thank you djangobooks for stocking it! ;-) ian

Licks To Love

By: jlander9 on 07/31/2012 10:44:54 AM

My gal has been surprised me with this book a few months ago, and I just got around to cracking it open. I have to say great job once again, Djangobooks. The licks a must have for you arsenal. the last few pages are filled with complete solos: Minor Swing, China Boy, and few other great tunes. I have learned a great deal and have already implemented them in my playing..Thanks Djangobooks... (Thanks Valentina!!!you keep surprising me)

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