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Guzz Acoustic Pickup Series II

Guzz Acoustic Pickup Series II
Guzz Acoustic Pickup Series II
Guzz Acoustic Pickup Series II
Guzz Acoustic Pickup Series II
Guzz Acoustic Pickup Series II
Guzz Acoustic Pickup Series II
Guzz Acoustic Pickup Series II
Guzz Acoustic Pickup Series II
- Bobbin 25 years warranty.
- XLR low noise connector
- String sound balanced, special care on 1st and 2nd strings
- Hand made building.
- LOW NOISE CONNECTOR with Security Lock
- 2.5 metres of cable is provided  (Sommer cable and Neutrik plugs)
- The pickup thickness under the strings is 6,8mm.
- Fits both oval hole, D hole, and F hole guitars.

Mounting Options:

Some guitars have braces inside so close to the hole that there is no place to attach the clip. If this is the case, you can use the following mounting method:

Just remove the clip and use the adhesive material attached in the pickup box. The pickup back is covered with a very thin transparent material which attach this kind of pickup to F holes guitars.

Check the String Clearence on Your Guitar:

This pickup is thin enough to fit on almost any gypsy guitar. The pickup thickness under the strings is 7mm aprox, so to check if you have enough clearnce, simply cut a 7mm high piece of paper and place it vertically under the strings where the hole is. Push one string on 12th fret, with the paper placed, if the string does not touch the paper then the pickup will fit perfect on your guitar.
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Reviews and Ratings

Guzz Acoustic Pickup Series II

By: ya-honza on 04/05/2015 09:09:29 PM

I have been using a AT381B mic for some time and am really happy with it but I was looking for a pickup to cope with noisy venues where a mic just doesn't cut it. I've now used the Guzz at a couple of gigs so far and have to say I'm really happy with it. Friends in the audience and sound engineers have also given positive commments. I use a Radial Tonebone preamp which is handy for tone tweaks from the playing position and the Guzz is working great with it. I also use a AER Compact 60. Some reviewers mentioned that they needed to boost the gain but I've found the opposite and only need my gains on the preamp and amp set around 9am although I do have a relatively low action (only about 1mm between fretted top string and top of the pickup). When I first installed it, I followed the guideline marking for the 6th string but found the 1st string was louder than the B string (currently using Galli strings), however as per Guzz's recommendations, a slight movement was all it took to get a nice even balance over all the strings which is easy to do with the clip and now I know where the best position is for my guitar (6th string is only a couple of mm away from the guide mark) I was initially concerned that the rhythm wouldn't sound great with a magnetic pickup but it's really quite transparent and you only need to do a little EQ tweaking, but you may wany to experiment with the phase switch on the preamp and I've found I prefer the 'colour' switch on the amp on. So anyway I'm very happy playing rhythm with it and single notes really sound great - recommended!

Guz pickip

By: Midnight on 10/08/2014 10:52:09 AM

If you like the sound of the old D'Armomd pickups you will love this pickup I also use it on a 1958 Gibson L4

Guzz sound hole

By: Bob on 02/08/2014 01:44:34 PM

First thing I'd like to say is for anyone thinking of ordering something from Djangobooks: You won't find a better resource than Michael Horowitz (who runs the website). He is absolutely perfect in his customer support, knowledgeable advice, fast responding, and quick shipping. Michael treats his customers as you would treat a friend. The Guzz pickup: So far I'm enjoying it, and I find the string balance to be very good. The finish of the clip portion is a little homemade looking, but I suppose that might be what you get with a first run of a new product. My guitar (Busato from DuPont) has the strings pretty high off the body, which makes it so theres a lot of distance between the pickup and the strings and thus very low output, but it still sounds very good once I've compensated by turning up the amp (AER compact 60). Guzz has clearly put their hearts into this project and are aiming to make the best possible sound-hole pickup. While I think there is still room for improvement, this is the best option currently for an electromagnetic gypsy jazz pickup. Highly recommended.

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