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Galli VO27 Gypsy Strings (1 Set)

Galli VO27 Gypsy Strings  (1 Set)

Galli Silk & Steel Strings (1 set): VO27 (ball end medium) - Gauge: 11-47

Until recently, the VO27 Silk and Steel strings were the only accpetable alternative to Argentine strings. The V027 strings are used by many of the top Gypsy guitarists in Holland.

A hexagonal core wrapped in nylon and covered with silver copper for the low notes. Steel for the high notes. The "gipsy" string.

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By: alik on 05/06/2017 12:44:10 PM

I have a Castelluccia which sounds very French if you know what I mean. If you want your instrument sound warmer (kind of like Stocheloish) use this. It turned my instrument around. I previously used Argentine 11, 10 and Galli 11 Gauge gyspy strings. note: comes with ball end.

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