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Galli GSL10 Gypsy Strings (1 Set)

Galli GSL10 Gypsy Strings  (1 Set)

Galli Silk & Steel Strings (1 set): GSL10 (ball end light) - Gauge: 10-45

Gypsy Jazz Silk & Steel Strings combine the hexagonal steel core and the copper wrapping with an intermediate layer of silk, giving the string an extremely soft tension and sweet and warm sound.

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Reviews and Ratings

Galli GSL 10 Gypsy Strings

By: bohemewarbler on 04/04/2015 11:08:29 AM

I will add to one of the other reviews in that not only do these strings make it so that your left hand doesn't need to work so hard, these strings make it so your RIGHT hand doesn't have to work hard! I play rhythm in the ?new school? manouche style. I'm able to get a nice raking growl on beats one and three without a high tensioned resistance that I feel with the popular Argentine 1510, even though the gauges are technically equal. With higher tension strings, and other low-tension strings such as the Argentine 1510, my pick will frustrate me by turning around or flipping out of my hand. But I don't want to sacrifice the "new school" sound I get in using a thinner pick. These Galli GSL 10?s allow me to use the Wegen Big City 1.8, my most preferable pick, so that I can keep the pick relatively loose between my thumb and forefinger, thereby achieving me the sound I want and remaining between my fingers the way I like them. Finally, I like these strings because the sound holds up longer than all the other strings I've used. The Galli silk and steel 10's are perfect for me on my Craig Bumgarner Selmer. They might be perfect for you!

Great Strings!!!

By: swing75 on 07/31/2013 05:21:12 AM

These strings are excellent if you need a low tension string so your left hand doesn't have to work hard. They are very well made and sound great if you like silk and steel's. Since I can't play high tension strings without getting mild inflammation in my left hand, I've tried most of the low tension/low gauge strings available: GHS silk and steel 10's, D'Addario silk and steel 11's, and Argentine 10's. The Galli silk and steel 10's are perfect for me on my DG-255. They have enough tension for my picking hand (unlike the GHS 10's), yet feel so comfortable when I'm fretting, especially the .45 on the low E. Based on what's out there at the moment, I think I'll be playing these strings for a long time.

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