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Galli GSB11 Gypsy Strings (5 Sets)

Galli GSB11 Gypsy Strings  (5 Sets)

Galli Strings (5 sets): GSB11 (ball end medium) - Gauge: 11-47

The Gypsy Jazz Silver Plated Strings, are created with a steel core, wrapped in silver plated copper, and characterised by a sharp and decisive sound. The GS line of strings are Gallis attempt to match the classic sound of the traditional Argentine string.

Galli Gypsy Jazz Guitar Strings are covered with an invisible protective film. The "T-Skin" process enhances the durability of the string.

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Reviews and Ratings

just ok

By: gianina on 05/18/2011 05:27:45 PM

These are great sounding strings but they just don't last very long. Still hard to beat the Argentine strings, the silk & steel Galli strings last longer. Would be great for recording or one time gigs.

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