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Maurice Dupont 2008 VRB Vieille Reserve Oval Hole Guitar (Brazilian Back and Sides) with Hardshell C

Maurice Dupont 2008 VRB Vieille Reserve Oval Hole Guitar (Brazilian Back and Sides) with Hardshell C

This is Maurice Duponts top of the line Selmer copy. No detail is overlooked with both the materials and workmanship being of the highest caliber. The track record of this instrument speaks for itself, as so many of todays top players use the Vieille Reserve model. Bireli Lagrene recorded the first two Gypsy Project CDs with this model. Patrick Saussois, of Alma Sinti fame, also plays a Dupont VRB.

This guitar includes:

-A 40 year old aged Spruce top
-Highly Figured 40 year aged Brazilian back and sides (wow, this is as good as it gets! Stunning piece of wood!!)
-Deluxe, encased DM tuners
-The top has a real pliage (i.e. the wood was bent over a hot iron like the old Selmers. Almost all other Selmer copies have forced tops which aren't as punchy).

The sound and playability of this instrument are the best I've ever seen for a new guitar. The only thing better is an actual vintage Selmer or Busato in good condition which is impossible to find and would cost twice as much or more. The Dupont VR is a guitar that plays and feels like a new guitar, but has the clarity, punch, and tone of an old seasoned instrument. I know of no other luthier that builds a guitar with these qualities.

This guitar is best for those who like the Selmer sound. Favino lovers should look elsewhere as this instrument doesn't have the low end or honky upper mids that are characteristic of Favinos. Like the old Selmers, the Dupont VR is extremely bright with much of the sound concentrated in the extreme high frequencies. This particular VR has a bit of thickness in the mid range which is nice. The low end has the traditional "hollow" sound to it. In the wrong hands a guitar like this can be very harsh...but when played with the Gypsy Picking technique, the guitar will yield single note lines that sing like no other. Each note is rounded and bell like with a smoky complexity only found in the best of instruments. This guitar also cuts like a knife and requires very little force to do so. Players with a light touch will be surprised at the volume this guitar can generate. All in all, this is the most traditional Gypsy sound you can get in a new guitar. If you like a more modern Gypsy tone then you should consider a Hahl or a JP Favino.

Like Selmers, this is not the best rhythm guitar because it is so explosive. It is first and foremost a lead guitar. However, chord punches, tremolos, and other comping techniques sound great on this guitar because they cut so well. But when playing straight la pompe you'll probably miss the lows that a Favino or Maccaferri have.

This guitar is setup perfectly with medium low action and 11 gauge strings.There are no buzzes and every note is clear as a bell. If you like to play fast, this guitar is for you. It is among the easiest playing Gypsy guitars out there....

A TKL hardshell case, owner's certificate and a bottle of Dupont Cognac are also included.

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