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2017 Dupont MD50

2017 Dupont MD50
2017 Dupont MD50
2017 Dupont MD50
2017 Dupont MD50
2017 Dupont MD50
2017 Dupont MD50
2017 Dupont MD50
2017 Dupont MD50
2017 Dupont MD50

Maurice Dupont has long been one of the most respected luthiers in France and one of the first contemporary makers to specialize in producing the Selmer Maccaferri guitar. Maurice first gained recognition as a builder of classical guitars and in 1989 was bestowed with the honor of "Best French Craftsman." Maurice was an apprentice of the legendary Gypsy guitar maker Jacques Favino, and in 1986 he began building his own Selmer style guitars which quickly became the most popular choice of professional Gypsy guitarists. Countless Gypsy stars including Raphael Fays, Biréli Lagrène, Tchavolo Schmitt, and Romane have played Dupont guitars which appear on hundreds of recordings.

The MD50 is Maurice's standard Selmer copy which is based on the same specifications as the legendary Selmer guitars produced from 1932-1951. This instrument features Indian rosewood back and sides, a French spruce top, and a walnut neck. Duponts are known for their clear, dry tone and this instrument is no exception. Each note is well defined and projects well, without any of the annoying overtone ringing or muddiness that lesser guitars suffer from.

Maurice's precision fretwork and neck geometry allow for easy playing low action which enables one to play even the most difficult passages with little effort. For these reasons, the MD50 has long been the "go to" guitar for professional Gypsy jazz guitarists. It has the most traditional Selmer tone and the best quality workmanship and materials that one can find in this price range. For these reasons it's our best selling guitar!

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Reviews and Ratings

2017 Dupont MD-50

By: Drew on 11/22/2017 11:06:00 AM

I can't even believe how amazing this guitar is! I have had it now for two weeks and am in complete awe over the quality and craftsmanship. The wood is top notch and the attention to detail is unmatched. I have been playing it everyday and the sound quality is everything you would ever want in a guitar. The lows are super bassy, the highs are nice and crisp. The projection over the guitar is really impressive! When you play hard on it it is very loud! I had many conversations with Michael discussing which guitar would be best for me. This is the one I decided on as I am an intermediate gypsy jazz player. It's an expensive purchase but is a guitar that I will have forever and never need to upgrade. Great experience with DjangoBooks, thanks Michael!

Highly Recommended

By: Sam on 10/20/2014 05:33:22 PM

I recently purchased a 2014 Dupont MD50 from Djangobooks. I contacted Michael asking his recommendation of guitars, he was very helpful and provided me with a couple of options. I decided to purchase a 2014 Dupont MD50 he had as they have a great reputation. Having had the guitar for a week now I must say I'm very happy with my choice. First of all the guitar is very loud, even when playing finger style on this guitar it has strong projection. The tone is also very rich, the bass is full and the highs are really resonant, for example when playing a glissando you can still hear the reverb from the high notes. Michael has also been a pleasure to deal with, if you are thinking of purchasing a fine instrument and as I do, live somewhere where you don't have the luxury of testing a variety of gypsy jazz guitars the Dupont MD50 is an excellent option and Djangobooks provides exceptional customer service.

2011 Dupont MD 50

By: Ander on 02/13/2011 08:17:51 PM

Wow. What a guitar! Beautiful craftsmanship, and amazing tone. I have been playing it for over a week now...very well balanced for both leads and rhythm. I had been playing on a Saga Gitane for several years and I was ready for an upgrade. Michael provided great honest guidance, and definitely steered me in the right direction. Well worth the investment! As always, great service with Djangobooks. Thanks Michael.

Big League Guitar

By: Randy Sorensen on 12/27/2010 11:06:47 AM

If you're relatively new to Selmer-style guitars and you know you'll seriously be playing gypsy jazz from now on, this review is especially for you. I've listened to Django Reinhardt since I was a boy and I've had a life-long love of his music. About three years ago, I got the urge to learn how to play gypsy jazz myself. In addition to countless instructional books and materials, I bought an inexpensive gypsy jazz guitar to get started and began daily practice. A year later, I was ready to move up to a nice Gitane DG-300. As my playing and technique continued to improve, the limitations of my guitars (unwanted overtones and reverb, playability, etc.) became more apparent to me. Michael Horowitz was kind enough to answer all my questions and give me options. Based upon his advice - and the fact that I am fully committed to playing gypsy jazz at an advanced level - I decided that an MD-50 was right for me, so I purchased this one. Now, two weeks later, I must say that I totally LOVE this guitar, and I know this will only grow as I continue to develop and progress. This MD-50 has a bright, crisp tone that really projects! The high-ends sparkle and the bass is clean. I've heard others refer to a "crunchy" sound. With this guitar, I now know what they are talking about. The neck is flat out fantastic. (This may sound a bit "out there," but to me, this C shaped neck feels more like my Telecaster than the neck on my Gitane.) This guitar is so playable I just can't put it down! This MD-50 came with 11 gauge strings from the factory and I'm used to 10s, so it took me a few days to get comfortable with the slightly stiffer strings, but I'm cooking with 'em now. I'm still going to try 10s when I restring soon just to see how they are on this guitar. I may also tweak the action a bit lower down the road, but these are all normal things one does to optimize any guitar for personal playability. Fit and finish? Absolutely first rate! I had a top-of-line, special edition Martin flat top many years ago and the quality of this Dupont is comparable with it. What more can I say? If gypsy jazz is in your blood and having a top-notch gypsy jazz guitar is in your future, I HIGHLY recommend the Dupont MD-50. You'll never regret getting one! "Don't worry about the key. Just play" – Django Reinhardt

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