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Dugain Flat Pick - Dark Horn (Zebra or Buffalo) 4mm

Dugain Flat Pick - Dark Horn (Zebra or Buffalo) 4mm

Standard teardrop shape, extra heavy gauge 4mm flat pick. Made in France

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Reviews and Ratings

Gypsy Jazz Pick

By: moderngypsy on 02/04/2012 08:25:43 PM

This pick is awesome. I play gypsy jazz guitar and the dugain picks are perfect for lead and cross over almost as well for rhythm. The single notes are where the dark horn shines. The beveled point is good for speed and the tone is clean and crispy. Adds that bite especially when paired with a petite bouche, oval hole guitar. I prefer the dark horn or the acetate material because I find the contoured picks slightly uncomfortable, but get slippery hands playing in hot studios or enclosed venues. The dark horn and acetate are great at staying dry and keeping their grip. I highly recommend any of the dugain made picks. And by the way; at the stores that stock them(there are few), picks like these run $25-$30 so I love djangobooks

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