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DPA 4041-SP

DPA 4041-SP
DPA 4041-SP
DPA 4041-SP
DPA 4041-SP

The Type 4041-SP is designed to work in a standard 48V phantom power environment. Since the capsule is the same as for the high voltage alternative 4041-S, the 4041-SP offers the same superior sound quality, with very slight changes in the specifications. The cartridge MMC4041 can be unscrewed from the preamplifier which allows for the exchange of the preamplifier module. It is therefore always possible to upgrade to the high voltage preamplifier, also using the DPA mic amp HMA4000. The frequency response has a 4-6 dB soft lift around 8kHz and matches the response of the legendary Type 4040 Hybrid Microphone. This microphone offers a totally transparent audio path with an exceptionally low noise floor of maximum 8dB(A) and a SPL handling capability of 134dB SPL peak.


Directional characteristics: Omnidirectional
Frequency range: 20Hz - 20kHz ±2dB with 4 - 6dB soft boost at 8kHz
Sensitivity: Nominally 70mV/Pa ±2dB: -26dB re. 1 V/Pa
Equivalent noise level A-weighted: Max. 8dB(A) re. 20µPa
Equivalent noise leve l CCIR 468-1: Max 20 dB
Maximum sound pressure level: 134dB SPL peak before clipping
Total harmonic distortion: 120dB SPL peak (< 0.5% THD)
Cable drive capability: Up to 100m (328ft)
Phase response: ±10° (50Hz to 20kHz)
Cartridge lower limiting frequency (-3db): 5Hz
Output impedance: <200 Ohm
Weight: 190g (6.7oz)
Microphone length: 170mm (6.69in)
Microphone diameter: 19mm (0.75in)

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