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Dogal Manouche RC154B Medium

Dogal Manouche RC154B Medium
High quality Italian made strings for Selmer style guitars.

Medium gauge - .011 .015 .024 .029 .037 .046

Ball end

Round core

Hybrid Silk and Steel/Silver Plated Copper

Manufactured in Venice, Italy.

Medium gauge Argentine strings usually sound best on long scale Selmer style guitars (670mm or longer) with lower action or short scale guitars (640mm).

Most Selmer style tailpieces will take both loop end or ball end strings. There is no difference in sound or playability between the two.

Dogal strings feature a natural silk filament between the round core and the external winding which yields a fuller sound than that of conventional strings. Additionally, the treble strings are made of stainless steel which produces more sound and is significantly lower tension than the more commonly used nickel steel. All this adds up to the most exquisite Gypsy string money can buy!

Our Price: $22.00

Reviews and Ratings

Amazing Strings!

By: Doug Martin on 08/12/2013 02:53:34 PM

The first thing I noticed after I played a few chords was that they sound very full and balanced, which is great! After about 10 days of playing, the strings still sound full and loud! I love this! They still stay in tune great and they don't sound dead...actually, I think this is the best sounding string I've ever tried...

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