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Denis Chang DVD Jazz Manouche: Technique & Improvisation Volume 3

Denis Chang DVD Jazz Manouche: Technique & Improvisation Volume 3

In developing this 4 volume series, instructor Denis Chang’s intention was to help the student gain insight into both the technical and conceptual components of Jazz Manouche improvisation. Denis wanted the series to be comprehensive in both scope and detail and to provide years of instruction and exercises for the serious student of guitar.

Denis has structured the 4 volumes in a sequential fashion. Each successive DVD builds on the material and concepts that Denis covered in the previous DVD(s).

To obtain maximum benefit it is strongly advised that you follow Denis' curriculum, sequentially, as Denis intended.

In “Jazz Manouche Technique & Improvisation
Vol 3
, Denis begins by demonstrating a number of arpeggios, before moving on to an in-depth study of Rhythm Changes. Voice Leading is dealt with in great detail, followed by Chord Soloing and Advanced Concepts.

Almost 3 hrs of Instruction!

Topics covered include:

Positions for Improvisation • Diminished Chords & Arpeggios • Improv Patterns for Dim Positions • Minor7b5 Chord • Rhythm Changes in D • Working On Improvisation • Voice Leading Am - Dm • Use Outside Notes • Melody From Chord Progressions • Chord Soloing • Rhythmic Approach Exercises • Staccato Strumming • Advanced Concepts • Augmented Scale • Moveable Chords • Diminished Scale • Symmetrical Augmented Scale and More!

Denis has a B.Mus. from McGill University and has received several scholarships from the Berklee College of Music. He has performed, studied and recorded with Fapy Lafertin, Ritary Gaguenetti, Andreas Öberg, Chriss Campion, Paulus Schäfer, Lollo Meier, and many others. He is an endorser of AJL guitars, Godin Guitars, Saga Gitane Strings, Schatten Design.
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