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Denis Chang DVD Jazz Manouche: Technique & Improvisation Volume 1

Denis Chang DVD Jazz Manouche: Technique & Improvisation Volume 1

In developing this 4 volume series, instructor Denis Chang’s intention was to help the student gain insight into both the technical and conceptual components of Jazz Manouche improvisation. Denis wanted the series to be comprehensive in both scope and detail and to provide years of instruction and exercises for the serious student of guitar.

Denis has structured the 4 volumes in a sequential fashion. Each successive DVD builds on the material and concepts that Denis covered in the previous DVD(s).

To obtain maximum benefit it is strongly advised that you follow Denis' curriculum, sequentially, as Denis intended.

In “Jazz Manouche Technique & Improvisation Vol 1” Denis helps the student develop a strong foundation. Using phrases to help develop the student‘s ear and technique, Denis moves along quickly. Each concept or phrase is shown at tempo. Denis then proceeds to dissect the example into its core components, slowing the elements down until the student is given a comprehen-sive analysis and demonstration. Finally, the example is performed in context with rhythm guitar accompani-ment. Correct Right Hand Technique, Fingerings, Picking Patterns are emphasized and demonstrated. Throughout the DVD, Denis stresses Ear Training and Development.

Over 2 hrs of Instruction!

Topics covered include:

Teaching Philosophy • Ear Training • Transcribing • How to Use This DVD • How to Practise • Learn to Play Good Rhythm • Internalize the Rhythm • Technique Overview • Rest Stroke • Django-Style Chromatics • Open-String Double-Stops • DMaj Exercises • Ascending Chromatic Licks • Am D7 Exercises • CMaj Licks • Em Licks • G Licks • Descending G-String Licks • 3 Note D&G String Licks • Symmetrical Diminished Patterns • Bouncing Dutch Pattern • Vibrato & String-Bending • Technique Review • Phrases & Licks • Licks & Chord Shapes • Am - Dm Licks • Combining Licks • Assess Your Learning Speed • A7 Licks • Train Your Ears • Placing Licks in a Song • Turnaround Phrases • Major Key Licks • Am Licks Over C • CMaj Licks • Major Key Licks in Song Context

AUDIO NOTE: Due to a microphone malfunction there
is a 5 minute section of this DVD where audio from the on-camera microphone is used instead of the on-set microphones.

Denis has a B.Mus. from McGill University and has received several scholarships from the Berklee College of Music. He has performed, studied and recorded with Fapy Lafertin, Ritary Gaguenetti, Andreas Öberg, Chriss Campion, Paulus Schäfer, Lollo Meier, and many others. He is an endorser of AJL guitars. He performs regularly with his band Flèche d’Or.
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Reviews and Ratings

Vol. 1

By: jkaz on 12/29/2010 12:25:51 PM

While I've owned the first volume for about three months, I feel like there is a lot of material to study. Dennis lays out a bunch of licks that are useful to play over songs from the get go. You can mix and match licks and use them to create variations of your own. I loved the idea that I had to listen and watch in order to get the work. Tabs don't work for me and I'm a terrible reader. Additionally, the licks work well with a lot of the other material available here, such as the Gypsy Picking book and opened up the neck a bit more for me. Finally, there are a lot of little technical things that Denis did that helped my playing. Well worth it if you feel like you're stalled and are looking to break into the GJ earnestly.

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