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Dean Markley CD60 Lead/Electric Amp

Dean Markley CD60 Lead/Electric Amp

The CD60 amps are all tube, two-channel combos. The clean channel produces lush, 3-dimensional clean tones with just a bit of grunt when you dig in. The Drive channel starts with a sweet, bluesy overdrive. But turning up the Overdrive opens the floodgates, unleashing enough thick, harmonically rich distortion to satisfy the most demanding player. With a separate Gain (Master Overdrive) control, you can control the balance when switching between Clean and Overdrive. There is also a “Voicing” switch for the Overdrive channel, when activated; it gives you all of the thundering low-end response you’ll ever want.

The 3-band EQ on the CD series amps is where the magic happens. Unlike most amps, the CD’s tone controls actually have some response when you turn the knobs, giving you complete control of your tone. Included in the tone arsenal are “Bright” and “Mid Boost” switches that give you that extra dimension in both the Clean and Overdrive mode. Also in the tone structure is a Presence control that allows you to sculpt the high-end response.

At the heart of the CD60, you'll find three 12AX7 preamp tubes and a power section fueled by two 6L6’s, driving a special Celestion 12” Speaker. Foot-switchable Reverb and Overdrive, variable Effects, Send and Return, along with PA-In and Pre-Out jacks complete this feature rich CD amplifier.

Controls include:

INPUT 1: Plug in connection for most guitars.

INPUT 2: Plug in connection for high-output/pre-amplified instruments. Provides 6dB less gain than INPUT 1.

VOLUME: Adjusts the volume level of the normal (clean) channel.

DRIVE: Adjusts the amount of “overdrive” in the (drive) channel.

GAIN: Adjusts the overall volume level of the (drive) channel.

TREBLE - MID - BASS: Passive tone controls that regulate high, mid, and low frequencies, respectively.

MASTER: Adjusts the overall loudness of the amplifier.

REVERB: Adjusts the reverb level.

PRESENCE: Adjusts the tone at a point in the signal path after the overdrive for unique ultra high-frequency tone shaping.

POWER: Illuminates when the unit is on.

DRIVE INDICATOR: Illuminates when the “DRIVE” channel is active.

VOICE SWITCHING:Dedicated to the Overdrive channel, when activated gives you all of the thundering low-end response you will ever want.

BRIGHT SWITCH: Provides a high frequency boost to both the clean and drive channels when activated.

MID BOOST SWITCH:Provides a mid frequency boost to both the clean and drive channels when activated.

Output Power: 60W RMS @ 8 ohms (12" Celestion speaker)

Height:  20" Length:  20"
Depth: 11"
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