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Carbon Fiber Gypsy Case

Carbon Fiber Gypsy Case
Carbon Fiber Gypsy Case
Carbon Fiber Gypsy Case

This lightweight, nearly impenetrable carbon fiber case will protect even in the most precious Gypsy jazz guitars from the vagaries of the airline baggage system. Shoulder/back pack straps and an internal accessories compartment are included. Nearly identical to the much more expensive Hoffee cases, this case is less than half the cost and perfectly fits standard sized Selmer guitars!

Our Price: $575.00

Reviews and Ratings

carbon fiber gypsy case

By: keith on 08/06/2016 08:17:13 AM

Great guitar case for the money. No issues so far. Good latches and hardware, good fit for guitar. Light as a feather, a joy to carry around. Not sure if its airline worthy, but if you do a lot of festivals and jam camps it will save your back. I give it 4 stars because i think maybe more padding? Have not been able to compare it to a Hoffee case. I will be looking for the a dreadnaught and mando case now.

carbon fiber case

By: roch on 10/01/2015 10:48:20 PM

What I have been waiting for the past few years. It's pretty clear that this is the same case that Hoffee sells for $1150. I travel regularly and I can't imagine life without it. Happy to not be breaking my back carrying the guitar all over. Besides the outstanding protection, it looks bad-ass. Get one while you can!!!

Carbon Fiber Gypsy Case

By: alfieg on 09/22/2015 07:54:48 AM

The case fitted my hand built Selmer arch top like a glow. Very good finish! I got the case here in Norway in only ten days. Very good!

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