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BlueChip TD80

BlueChip TD80

The TD is a standard teardrop shape pick with two rounded corners and one sharper playing corner. This is a TD in a 80/1000 of an inch(2mm) thickness. All of our picks a professionally machined, hand beveled, and laser etched.

Our Price: $50.00

Reviews and Ratings

Blue Chip Pick TD80

By: il trovatore on 08/21/2013 10:40:30 AM

I picked one of these up because I had some extra money and wanted to try one out. I have always loved the idea of not having to a buy a new pick very often, I like well made things that last a long time even if you have to pay more for them. The sound is also amazing. These picks just glide over the strings, while allowing you a firm hold on the pick itself. The beveled edges are great, the rounded top corners are awesome for rhythm playing. While I understand that if I lose this pick it will be an expensive mistake, if I don't and it lasts me several years of gigging/playing, then it is worth it, in my opinion. I am sold, as they say.

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