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Bertino Rodmann Gypsyjazz Guitar Volume 1 (German)

Bertino Rodmann Gypsyjazz Guitar Volume 1 (German)
Bertino Rodmann Gypsyjazz Guitar Volume 1 (German)
Bertino Rodmann Gypsyjazz Guitar Volume 1 (German)
Blues Clair,(Django Reinhardt)
Blues en mineur (Reinhardt/Grapelli)
Douce Ambiance (Django Reinhardt)
Good Times (Bertino Rodmann)
Minor Swing (Reinhardt/Grapelli)
Swing 48 (Django thomann Reinhardt)
Valse à Bertino (Bertino Rodmann)

Standard notation and TAB, with play along CD, German language. 147 p.
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Reviews and Ratings

Great book Gypsyjazz

By: swingjazz78 on 12/06/2011 01:11:46 AM

The new book "Gypsykazz Guitar" by Bertino Rodmann is a great new methodbook (regrettably available yet only in german). The book contains very intense Lessons that are great to get a first overall glimpse of what gypsyjazz is all about. But also worth a second look even for players that know about GJ already. Bertino starts in the first part of the book by explaining the basic "La Pompe"-Rhythm with several lessons and practises them emediately on the 7 songs contained in the book. The book builds up in step-by-step lessons, adding more and more chords, also explaining things like "Chord-substitutions" in Jazz and the way gypsies play these. The second part in the book contains and explains the solo-techniques od the style, has trainings to the special picking-technique, scales, arpeggios and practises them also on the songs contained in the book. The book finishes out with 13 great practical examples of how the great masters like Django and other famous players like Stochelo, Lollo Meier or Romane use the typical phrases explained in the book in their own solos. The book also has lots of practical tipps all around Gypsyjazz, the instruments, strings, picks, as well as how to practise these and much more. Its a great new methodbook for beginners of the style, but pros who already know a bit about this music will also find lots of new inspirations and ideas for improving their own playing in an authentic way. For me its one of the best new books on the market and really worth the Five Stars *****

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