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Biel Ballester Echoes of Mallorca

Biel Ballester Echoes of Mallorca

Biel Ballaster (solo guitar), Joan Ramon Punti (rhythm guitar), Leandro Hipaucha (double bass)

1. Swing 48 2. Per na Colo 3. Solar 4. Formentera Bolero 5. Echoes from Mallorca 6. Vendredi 13 7. Xun shan 8. Lentement Mademoiselle 9. Peche a la Mouche 10. Misery Tango 11. Pour Commencer 12. Jungle Rumba 13. Mabel 14. Tito's Telescope

Biel Ballester studied classical guitar at the prestigious Luthier School in Barcelona, Spain. There he spent two years under the instruction of teacher Alex Garrobe and four years with teacher Fernando Rodriguez. Biel finished his curriculum at Barcelona's Superior Conservatorium in the year 2000. Subsequent demand for his awe inspiring style and technique has enabled him to perform in several countries including multiple appearances at Barcelona's International Jazz Festival, The International Festival of Terrassa, and the International Guitar Festival of Mallorca. The Biel Ballester Trio (BBT) swings us from 1930s Paris to present-day Barcelona, the bandleader's adopted home.
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