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Argentine Strings (1 set): 1610

Argentine Strings (1 set): 1610
Argentine strings are the original Gypsy jazz string used by Django Reinhardt and nearly every other Gypsy jazz guitarist.

Light gauge - .010 .014 .022 .028 .036 .045

Ball end

Round core

Silver plated copper

Purple silk winding

Manufactured by Savarez in France.

Light gauge Argentine strings usually sound best on long scale Selmer style guitars (670mm or longer) with higher action.

Most Selmer style tailpieces will take both loop end or ball end strings. There is no difference in sound or playability between the two.

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Reviews and Ratings

Argentine strings

By: Jeffsmdc on 03/26/2016 10:14:39 AM

First to review Dangobooks.com handling of my string order. The order was quickly filled and I received delivery with 24 hours of placement! Thanks Michael! Next to review the strings. I found the strings to have perfect quality and promised classic tone. I wanted to offer comparison between the medium and light gauge for anyone interested. I have a new DuPont MDC50 long scale and have tried both medium and light gauge Argentines. For me, the mediums provided noticeably more volume and more meaty tone for lead playing than the lights. However the lights are easier to play, and as a player transitioning from a low action standard dreadnaught the mediums have been a handful to get used to. I plan to eventually lower the action on the 50 and switch back to mediums but will stay with lights till then.

Argentine 1610

By: Mike on 07/25/2012 10:15:19 AM

Bought these for my Gitane John Jorgenson DG 300. The quality of the strings seems very high to me. If I play an authentic gypsy line, it sounds like gypsy jazz, and that's the goal, so I would recommend them. I'm used to playing polished flat wounds on my electric, so the noticeable increase in finger noise was disturbing, but after breaking them in, this has reduced a lot. I will buy them again.


By: ronnie on 04/30/2012 07:28:42 AM

Argentiens .Yes,these are good.they bend ,the sound ,? nice. My Gitane 300,buzzed a little,so I shimed it up the tinyest bit,1/2 thickness of a penny,and ,NO BUZZ,

Ma Premiere Strings

By: nibster on 11/21/2011 01:19:42 PM

Argentines are my favorite strings for Gypsy jazz because of their volume, sustain (with the zero fret), tone, and intonation. I buy a set of .010's (ball end) and replace the top two strings with a .011 and .015 for more volume in the upper register. I love these string.

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