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Argentine Strings (1 set): 1610MF

Argentine Strings (1 set): 1610MF
Argentine strings are the original Gypsy jazz string used by Django Reinhardt and nearly every other Gypsy jazz guitarist.

Medium gauge - .011 .015 .023 .029 .037 .046

Ball end

Round core

Silver plated copper

Red silk winding

Manufactured by Savarez in France.

Medium gauge Argentine strings usually sound best on long scale Selmer style guitars (670mm or longer) with lower action or short scale guitars (640mm).

Most Selmer style tailpieces will take both loop end or ball end strings. There is no difference in sound or playability between the two.

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Our Price: $9.50

Reviews and Ratings

My Favorite So Far..

By: SLO TC on 08/14/2012 06:07:08 PM

I've tried most of the Gypsy string brands, but so far none of them compare to how great the Argentines sound and feel. The only problem I have with the Argentines, is the G string gets pitted very easily. I recommend buying extra G strings, that's it. For every set I use, I'll need 3 "G" strings, before I change the whole set again. Maybe I play the G string too much...

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