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Argentine Strings (1 set): 1510MF

Argentine Strings (1 set): 1510MF
Argentine strings are the original Gypsy jazz string used by Django Reinhardt and nearly every other Gypsy jazz guitarist.

Medium gauge - .011 .015 .023 .029 .037 .046

Loop end

Round core

Silver plated copper

Red silk winding

Manufactured by Savarez in France.

Medium gauge Argentine strings usually sound best on long scale Selmer style guitars (670mm or longer) with lower action or short scale guitars (640mm).

Most Selmer style tailpieces will take both loop end or ball end strings. There is no difference in sound or playability between the two.

Save $ when you buy 5 sets: Argentine String Special

Our Price: $9.50

Reviews and Ratings


By: GJFAN on 01/10/2012 11:50:21 AM

Great sounding strings. Good fast delivery from Django Books.and by buying in bulk (5sets) the price including shipping to Canada worked out to about $9.00 a set. A local shop sells these strings for $21.50 a set so i was really happy with the price, the service was fast and the strings sound really good.


By: plaidgadjo on 06/14/2011 11:09:31 PM

The perfect feel and tension for my guitar. I do use the D'addarios on my back-up guitar becase they are a little less expensive and seem to last a bit longer (especially the "G"). But the Argentines never disappoint and they feel and sound beautiful! ***Another thing I have to add here (and why I will continue coming back) is that I Michael seems to ship them out immediately... I always get them within 2 days (I am on the west coast, though).

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