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Altamira M30

Altamira M30
Altamira M30
Altamira M30
Altamira M30
Altamira M30
Altamira M30
Altamira M30
Altamira guitars are crafted by a highly skilled team luthiers, led by owner/luthier Hanson Yao who was an apprentice of the famed Rodriguez workshop in Spain. Altamira's Gypsy models are built using old world methods by just two luthiers who have been specially assigned to the task. Altamiras have become some of our best selling instruments over the years, finding their way into the hands of numerous professionals who have found them up to the task of high level performing and recording. The tone and projection of these instruments rivals some of the best handmade instruments, making them a wonderful deal at this price.

This guitar features solid Indian rosewood back and sides, spruce top, and a sapelli neck. The higher quality materials of this solid wood model produce a richer and drier tone similar to many handmade European guitars. Additionally, this model features higher quality open tuners.

For More Info on Set Up Options Email Our Guitar Tech:  josh@djangobooks.com

Our Price: $1,250.00
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Reviews and Ratings

Altamira M30

By: Altamira M30 on 10/17/2018 12:57:14 PM

I recently purchased the Altamira M30 from Djangobooks.com and i'll split my review into 2 parts. First, the guitar. I used to have a Gitane John Jorgensen (stolen) and then later a Gitane DG500 (sold). The M30 is in my opinion better than both. The build quality is where I would expect it. It is comfortable, the fret markings are much easier to follow. The neck is much more comfortable and the 14 fret design is much more ergonomic than the Gitane JJ model. Most importantly, this guitar has a loud, dry, crisp, and aggressive gypsy tone that i Couldn't get from the other 2 gypsy guitars I've had. Chords are well defined, even, and clear. I have had it one day and am glad I purchased it. For those like me who are only casually into gypsy jazz playing, just know the action on these guitars are insanely high. I get why the action is high, it is just too much for me so I'll have to take it to my guy to drop it a bit for comfort. I recommend the free set up Djangobooks does since I am sure it made the difference. So, great guitar for the money! As for the purchase experience, that was mixed for me. I knew up front that it may 2-4 weeks which is still too long to wait for a set up but I took the risk. I had hoped to get the guitar for a specific gig 4 weeks away. It took 2 days less than 6 full weeks to get the guitar. Michael was very prompt in his replies and courteous, but also didn't visibly do anything to get the guitar to me sooner and made no customer service type attempts to make it better (i.e. here's some free picks buddy) other than to offer to ship the guitar without the set up, one of the main reasons I chose to buy from Djangobooks. So, just know some patience is required here. Not sure why it took this long in 2018 but usually a sign something is advertised as "in stock" and it isn't from my experience. Maybe they got busy as stated... I think Djangobooks are trying to run a good business, I just encourage them to find ways to quicken that timeframe. In the end, some patience on my end and I am a happy camper with a nice new axe. I'll sure you will be too!

Altamira M30

By: Alister on 10/04/2015 11:57:45 PM

Overall the M30 is a very affordable, yet good quality guitar to get a good idea of gypsy jazz playing and the iconic sounds related to it. The Altamira sports a more modern feeling neck (imagine somewhat of a Gibson 335 thickness) that lends itself well to faster playing styles. The hardware all seems quite stable and I've had no tuning issues so far. Overall the sound is rather sharp and lends itself well to rapid fire arpeggios and faster Le Pompe styling of rhythm. The guitar came with a free set up special, while the bridge spacing was fixed and the fret work was good the bridge height was too low and there is some buzz on the low E string. I'm not sure I'd consider it worth the $215 price tag, but considering it was free I'm happy with it. As far as customer service Michael was fantastic to deal with and answered all my questions, I will without a doubt go to him for all my Gypsy Jazz needs in the future Overall- Good affordable guitar, great for those wanting to "test the waters" of Selmer style guitars

Altimira M30

By: Rick Shafer on 09/30/2015 01:45:22 PM

Simply put you're not gonna find a better guitar at this price . Forget types of guitars, this is a true instrument . The design and workmanship stands up to anything and surpasses almost everything . It is light and loud. More like a violin. The woods are thin to project. It is not a guitar for beginners, it is a professional player's tool. The mass of the neck provides low end reverberation to the airy, intricate distinction of the soundbox. The tone is clear and smooth, yet colored with the Django twang. Very unique and will play over many musical styles. This is my jazz guitar from now on. Make sure to have it set up, - (lower the bridge).

Altamira M 30

By: Nuevo Torro on 11/16/2014 07:46:31 PM

I've had the Altamira M 30 only five days, but after a dozen hours of playing, the overall tone, and punch of the guitar is growing. I opted for an upgrade on the tuners, but, otherwise, the quality of the construction, and finishing, are first rate. The neck is perfect, easy to play, and just the right thickness, and the dots on the fingerboard are where they belong, at 3, 5, 7,9, and 12. I'm really looking forward to the maturing of the top. Five days, and already it's gone from pale, to stripes.This guitar has a tonal bark that rivals Django's guard dog.The Superior Gypsy Jazz case protected this guitar from a USPS trip of over 3,000 miles without a scratch.Good packing job; it's November, and the guitar was warm when I opened up the case.

Altamira M30 Guitar

By: Bopster on 06/19/2013 08:06:21 PM

Great quality materials and workmanship. I don't need to upgrade a thing on this. I opted for the Factory Setup, and the only adjustment I made was loosening the truss rod. Humidity is high here in St. Louis, and there was a slight buzz in places as a result. One adjustment and it plays perfectly. The best value out there.

Very Nice Guitar

By: Jason on 03/13/2012 11:34:54 PM

The M30 sounds and plays great. The workmanship is nice, the neck is straight, and the fret work is excellent. Some import guitars I've purchased have needed work (fret-leveling, crowning, and polishing) just to become acceptable, the M30 was ready to go right out of the box. The tuners are better than the closed-style that come on some of the Saga models, they're sort of clones of Waverly's that hold pitch and work well. The neck has the thick classic Selmer shape and is very comfortable to play. The sound is really impressive. Overall I would characterize it as traditional Selmer with the distinct nasally upper midrange, tight hollow bass, and a lot of punch. To my surprise this is the loudest Selmer style guitar that I've played and tone wise is in a different league than the Saga brand. I've played it next to Favino's, Hahl's, and, Dell Arte's and it hangs right in there really well. Yes, there is a refined quality to the really expensive guitars that the M30 doesn't have but the difference isn't really that great. I'm amazed that this guitar is so affordable. I bought it so I could have a backup guitar but I enjoy playing it as much as my collector grade guitar and reach for it just as often. I would definitely recommend this guitar to experienced players as well as beginners. If you're just getting into the Django style and looking around my advice is spend the extra money and get the M30, it truly is a different animal and light years ahead of the other budget guitars. I couldn't be happier the M30 and customer service from Djangobooks.com.

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