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Altamira M20D

Altamira M20D
Altamira guitars are the finest quality Selmer copies produced in Asia. This company makes the Manouche Latcho Drom models for Dell'Arte. Dell'Arte upgrades the tailpiece, tuners, and bridge and does some setup work. The Altamira guitars have more basic hardware and bridge options but these things can be upgraded by our tech Josh (see the options tab.) Also,the Altamiras have a more modern, ergonomic C shaped neck. The Manouche Latcho Drom guitars have a very large and uncomfortable U shaped neck.

Altamira guitars are THE best Asian made Selmer copies we've seen. Very traditional in sound with a bright high end and a lot of bark! Much drier and crisper than other guitars in this price range. Very French sounding yet at an Asian import price.

This guitar features solid ovengkol back and sides, spruce top, and a sapelli neck. The higher quality materials of this solid wood model produce a richer and drier tone similar to many handmade European guitars. Additionally, this model features higher quality open tuners.

For More Info on Set Up Options Email Our Guitar Tech:  josh@djangobooks.com

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Reviews and Ratings

Great Guitar

By: Ben on 11/28/2017 08:38:42 PM

Great guitar and great buying experience. I asked Michael a bunch of questions, all of which he answered quickly and with great expertise. I ended up placing an order for an Altamira M10D, but they were out of stock, so Michael sent me the M20D (which costs about $100 more), at no extra cost. I'm very happy with the guitar, it's exactly how he described it. The setup was great too. Thanks Michael!!


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