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Altamira M20D

Altamira M20D
Altamira guitars are crafted by a highly skilled team luthiers, led by owner/luthier Hanson Yao who was an apprentice of the famed Rodriguez workshop in Spain. Altamira's Gypsy models are built using old world methods by just two luthiers who have been specially assigned to the task. Altamiras have become some of our best selling instruments over the years, finding their way into the hands of numerous professionals who have found them up to the task of high level performing and recording. The tone and projection of these instruments rivals some of the best handmade instruments, making them a wonderful deal at this price.

This guitar features solid ovengkol back and sides, spruce top, and a sapelli neck. The higher quality materials of this solid wood model produce a richer and drier tone similar to many handmade European guitars. Additionally, this model features higher quality open tuners.

For More Info on Set Up Options Email Our Guitar Tech:  josh@djangobooks.com

Our Price: $1,140.00
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Reviews and Ratings

Great Guitar

By: Ben on 11/28/2017 08:38:42 PM

Great guitar and great buying experience. I asked Michael a bunch of questions, all of which he answered quickly and with great expertise. I ended up placing an order for an Altamira M10D, but they were out of stock, so Michael sent me the M20D (which costs about $100 more), at no extra cost. I'm very happy with the guitar, it's exactly how he described it. The setup was great too. Thanks Michael!!


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