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AK Gypsy Jazz Plectrum #1

AK Gypsy Jazz Plectrum #1

This is the AK#1 Super sound! For loud and fast playing. you want to be heard during a jam? This is the right pick to choose. size: 3.0 mm by 2.9 mm by 4.6 mm.

Our Price: $18.00

Reviews and Ratings

Best picks out there

By: Manny on 07/28/2018 11:53:48 AM

These are the best gypsy jazz picks out there , without question. They're very comfortable and very loud with great clarity . I`ve always been a fan of Wegen picks but these AK picks are outstanding . I now consider Wegen picks second to these .Both are great ,but AK picks are something every gypsy jazz guitarist have to try out . You`ll definitely be heard, guaranteed .I was blown away with the volume increase and tone these picks gave me.

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