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The Challenge: AER was approached by Monte Montgomery to develop an amp that suits his powerful, loud, dynamic , and effects-centric playing style. Monte’s percussive – almost physical – attack required a relaxed amp offering plenty of headroom, with effective but understated dynamic control and a sound reproduction that that blends the directness and attack with a more mild, melodic character.

The Result: AER MM200
• A live amp made for the stage that works for dynamic solo players as well as in a band setting.
• Easy to operate and dial in, without too much tweaking and bending – every time.
• Rugged and reliable
• Bonus: a valuable additional source for recording, particularly due to superb preamps and audio-circuits along the signal path. Line and DI-out deliver the sound at full.
• The “Monte Mute” switch: a feature indispensable for Monte’s needs. Push a button and the amp is muted.

The 2 x 8” Twin Cone Speaker System Offers a strong, defined mid-range and a tight low end – easily capable of live sound pressure levels. UNIV-250 Class A/B Power amp-module used in 2 x 100 W mode Specially designed to handle high impulses, the amp handles multiples of its stated power over the first decisive milliseconds to allow the signal, the impulse, to pass without distortion.

Features Inputs:

- Channel 1: ¼” input with 3 band tone control

- Channel 2: combined XLR/¼” input with 3 band tone control 4 Digital Effects with Pan Aux In, Footswitch, Tuner, Line Out, DI Out, Effects Loop, Headphones Weight 31 lbs

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