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Phil Jones Air Pulse CUB AG-100 RED with Gig Bag

Phil Jones Air Pulse CUB AG-100 RED with Gig Bag
Imagine a guitar amp that was small, powerful and lightweight. It would work on AC worldwide with needing a switch to change power. An amplifier so clean it can work for just about any acoustic instrument or with a pedal board create the sound of a monster stack at full blast. No more back pains getting your gear up and down stairs, you can pick this tiny amp up with a finger!

No longer a dream! American Acoustic Development has for years, painstakingly pursued the development of cutting edge high performance bass amps that have the most performance to weight ratio under the Phil Jones Bass PJB brand.

Now AAD is doing what it did for bass players, for guitarists.

Introducing the CUB: the world's only true high-performance, micro-amp for the guitar player! Nothing comes even close!
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Reviews and Ratings

cub ag 100

By: clichaj on 04/25/2011 06:04:55 AM

Great amp! I bought this amp do to a back injury but never expected such an outstanding amp. I play straight ahead jazz and mostly use a John Pisano Eatman, when I listen back to recordings it sounds similar to early Jim Hall. The upright bass player I play with ordered the bass version of this amp the same night after hearing it. I have never tried it with drums,I think it'd do fine, if not I'd get another still cheaper than most amps. The endless amp tweeking has stopped with this amp the EQ is set flat and I think about playing.


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