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2016 Dupont MDC50

07/26/2017 09:04:39 PM: Balanced and warm with a richer low end than the oval hole model, but still enough bite for cutting leads.

View Item: 2016 Dupont MDC50

2017 Dupont Nomade

07/26/2017 05:40:32 PM: High end sound at a player's price, nothing better in this price range.

View Item: 2017 Dupont Nomade

2017 Dupont Nomade D Hole

07/26/2017 03:25:17 PM: Handmade in Cognac France by the world's best Selmer builder and the price can't be beat!

View Item: 2017 Dupont Nomade D Hole

Schertler Giulia (Wood)

07/26/2017 12:40:48 PM: European made micro amp with a lot of power and tone in a little package!

View Item: Schertler Giulia (Wood)

1933 Selmer Conversion ***NEW PRICE***

07/26/2017 11:08:09 AM: Converted to a 6 string by the legendary Marco Roccia. Similar to Diz Disley's!

View Item: 1933 Selmer Conversion ***NEW PRICE***

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