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2018 Dupont Lloyd

05/22/2018 10:29:55 AM: Wonderful tribute to Gibson's legendary Lloyd Loar L5!

View Item: 2018 Dupont Lloyd

2018 Dupont MD50 (Cedar Top)

05/22/2018 10:29:43 AM: A cedar top variation of Dupont's most famous guitar!

View Item: 2018 Dupont MD50 (Cedar Top)

2006 Park Encore

05/22/2018 10:06:06 AM: Custom example with stunning woods and a soundport!

View Item: 2006 Park Encore

1995 Dupont MD20

05/22/2018 10:05:18 AM: A highly coveted early Dupont, from the days when Maurice built each guitar himself. Solid maple back and sides!

View Item: 1995 Dupont MD20

2018 Geronimo Mateos Jazz B D Hole

05/22/2018 10:04:25 AM: Supremely balanced and versatile guitar built in Spain!

View Item: 2018 Geronimo Mateos Jazz B D Hole

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