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Altamira Model M

10/20/2018 01:52:00 PM: The most bang for the buck of any Gypsy guitar available!

View Item: Altamira Model M

Vladimir Muzic Vladiator (ships in 2 weeks)

10/20/2018 10:57:17 AM: Ultra warm sounding pick, hand made in France!

View Item: Vladimir Muzic Vladiator (ships in 2 weeks)

2016 Eimers Antique

10/20/2018 10:18:48 AM: Dutch made, custom model with a vintage look and sound!

View Item: 2016 Eimers Antique

Schertler Giulia (Anthracite)

10/19/2018 05:53:16 PM: European made micro amp with a lot of power and tone in a little package!

View Item: Schertler Giulia (Anthracite)

2011 Dupont Nomade

10/19/2018 01:30:34 PM: Great deal on one of our best selling guitars!

View Item: 2011 Dupont Nomade

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